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An inspection of your vehicle and consultation with you will determine which products and methods are needed to obtain an unspoiled sparkling finish to your paintwork.

The Supercar Detailing team will also discuss with each client, maintenance between each detail in order to keep your car looking perfect.

  • Pre Wash using a snow foam.
  • Paintwork washed.
  • Rinsed using filtered water, reducing re-contamination of paintwork.
  • Dried using soft towels.
  • Alloy Wheels wash and sealed, Tyres dressed.
  • Paintwork decontaminated using a Clay Bar and lube solution removing any debris on paint surface.
  • Paintwork cleanser applied to remove any old wax and leave a mirror finish.
  • Carnauba Wax hand applied and left to cure then removed using soft cloths.
  • Interior hovered and cleaned.
  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned.
  • Interior glass cleaned.
  • Exterior glass de-contaminated and water repellent applied.
  • Metal and chrome polished and sealed.

Paintwork correction is carried out under specialist lighting to show up all imperfections in the paintwork, using this process to remove swirl marks and light scratches. Deeper scratches can removed by flat and polishing.

Supercar Detailing uses Swissvax waxes because we consider them to be the best on the market.

For more information or to book your car for a detail, head over to the contact us page where you'll find email and telephone contact details.

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